Zelda Series Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

By Marrick Thurman


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was originally for the GameCube and was released in December of 2002. It was an instant success, like most Nintendo games. It, however, was such a popular Zelda game that they decided to re-release it on September 20th of 2013 for the Wii U. Nintendo had polished up the graphics, placed in more shadows, and added better lighting.

Wind Waker HD starts off with a story of the legendary hero in green, Link, who saved Hyrule from the terrible Ganon. In this game, it is going off of the official Zelda timelines, this one being the New World timeline, in a world where Ganon came back after terrible circumstances and destroyed Hyrule. The game takes place centuries later with a new, young, future-hero on Outset Island. It is his birthday, and on that day, he’s gifted with the hero’s clothes and his little sister’s telescope. However, his little sister gets kidnapped by a giant bird known as The Monstrous Helmaroc King as well as Ganon, and the protagonist sets off to save her.

Throughout the game you team up with a gang of pirates, and then the King of Red Lions, a boat who sails across the ocean to get you to certain temples.

In Wind Waker HD, there were quite a few changes; most of the mechanics have been altered since it is for a new system, which is needed of course. A lot of the changes Nintendo made to the game, however, were unnecessary and took away some of the enjoyment of the game. The triforce hunting is no longer available, and targets are always marked so you never miss a shot on an enemy. The game did have visually stunning graphics though, and the player is able to move the camera perspective around flawlessly, unlike in the original version where the camera angle occasionally messed up. They also took away the Tingle Tuner, which even though it was fun; it became obsolete since you originally hooked up a Game Boy to use it to find hidden treasure chests. In Wind Waker HD, you can now still find the hidden treasures, just with more convenience.

I would recommend this game for people who are new to the Zelda franchise, since Wind Waker HD is quite easy to beat. I would n’t recommend it to casual gamers, however, since playing it takes a little while. This game is still amazing of course, and it has the same cartoonish style that the original held. Beating certain temples, especially towards the end of the game, gives the player a sense of accomplishment.

Wind Waker has always been a favorite video game of mine, most of the reasons being because of the large, expansive world, the multiple, fun side-quests, and the incredibly different storyline; and Wind Waker HD didn’t take any of these qualities away! It’s an amazing remake with only minor flaws. One of the best parts about this game, which still is in the remake, is that when you beat it, the gamer is able to alter Link’s outfit. You could have him playing in his pajamas if you beat it once, and if you beat it twice, you could choose the color of your Hero’s tunic!

I highly recommend purchasing Wind Waker HD, because it is such an enthralling game, and it’s one that you could sit and just get sucked into!

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