Inspirational Spotlight: Alaina Hallums

By Elizabeth Brooks

Although reading, writing, and drawing are great traits and hobbies to have, this is not why we chose Alaina for our first student who inspires us toward becoming better than we currently are, which means becoming more like these inspiring models of virtue. After all, there is a reason why Ms. Miller chose Alaina to receive her people’s choice award (which Alaina considers her greatest accomplishment thus far): her selflessness and kindness are exhibited on a daily bases, but she never expects any acknowledgement from it. Yet whether she knows it or not, others such as her sophomore English teacher and Writing Club sponsor, Ms. Nicole Miller, recognized that “Alaina is one who inspires others.”

The first thing that made us notice Alaina is something small, but definitely not unimportant: she offers help or pairs up with those who do not have a partner in group activities, never wanting another person to feel alone. Alaina strives to be kind because of bitter people and tragedies prevalent in everyday life that encourage her to be a social worker, a step that would conjoin her virtues with a career that lets her express them. She is also in FCCLA, a club that serves the local community. Alania’s grandmother is a well-liked and kind person who Alaina strives to emulate.

Ms. Miller played a big part in Alaina’s future by helping expand her love for English and writing, which encouraged her to join Writer’s Club. Ms. Miller and Mr. Malcomson, her former social studies teacher, are most stricken by her speaking and writing abilities.  While “Aliana is quiet,” Miller stated that she “makes the most significant contributions in class” with “resounding authority on any subject.”

Alaina is also very respectful to everyone and outgoing in class.  When discussing or debating, she will go into profound detail, often beyond expectations. Yet even when disagreeing, she will respectfully explain and express her opinion, listening intently to whatever others have to say.

With a great sense of humor and wisdom beyond her years, Alaina is also, as Miller described, “an ideal student, a creative person, and a very compassionate human being.”  Indeed, Alaina is a leader without even trying, meaning that others find her and follow her because she inspires them, much as she has inspired us.

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