Food Review: Lay’s “Passport to Flavor” Chip Line

By Ann-Meguiar Bouldin & Claire Wilson


Get your passports ready and let the crunching begin.

Lay’s chip company has taken on the challenge to capture the flavors of international cuisine in their new chip line “Passport to Flavor.” “Passport to Flavor” features China’s Szechuan Chicken, India’s Tikka Masala, Brazil’s Picanha, and Greece’s Tzatziki. Lay’s new chip line is very fitting now that the Olympic Games are underway. As the countries of the world contribute to the athletic melting pot in Rio, we were inspired to taste the world’s cuisines through the “Passport to Flavor” chip line.

We started our journey in Brazil with the Brazilian Picanha chips. Picanha is Brazilian steak marinated in chimichurri sauce. As challenging as capturing these flavors may sound, Lay’s executed them very well. The chips had a meaty flavor and the green seasoning tasted exactly like chimichurri. The combination was a little odd embodied in a potato, but it definitely receives points for creativity.

We continued our journey by traveling to India. The Indian Tikka Masala chips had a true southeast Asian vibe. The flavor was heavy with Curry, a very popular Indian dish. Tikka Masala traditionally features chunks of spicy chicken. However, the Lay’s chips lacked the chicken aspect in favor of the flavor of curry.

Overall, we would recommend both of these chips. The flavors are very unique and interesting. With Lay’s new chip line, you not only have the chance to try something new, but you have the opportunity to become educated about international cuisine. Stay tuned as we travel to Greece and China next week with Lay’s “Passport to Flavor.”

For now, enjoy these chips while watching the Olympics.  But be careful not to eat the entire bag or you may lose your athletic physique.

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