Album Review: Blurryface, by Twenty One Pilots

By Hannah Polacheck


Twenty One Pilots’ most recent album, Blurryface, is a must listen. There is a wide variety of music taste for listeners with varying palates. From a rock vibe to reggae and dubstep, Blurryface has something for everyone.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun are still in the search for their musical identity, hence the name Blurryface. The track “Heavydirtysoul” talks about how they are still not quite sure what type of music they are going for. However, they are continuing to write music to get their voice out there. The track “Tear in My Heart” is more of a love song. In it, Joseph is relating his relationship with his wife to the music, about how she came in his life and was the “tear in his heart.”

Along with all of these amazing new songs, many fans are still confused as to who or what “Blurryface” is. Blurryface has been a character in Twenty One Pilot’s earlier albums and has continued into their newest release. Blurryface represents the opposite side of the lead singer Tyler Joseph, like an alter ego. Blurryface also has hit songs “Stressed Out” and “Ride,” both which are very meaningful songs towards Blurryface. Overall, fans have had a fairly positive reaction to the new album Blurryface and have allowed the album to have a very successful outcome.

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