Game Review: Undertale

By Marrick Thurman

5/5 – Great

Undertale is an indie role-playing game created by Toby Fox with a little help from Temmie Chang. It was released for Windows and Mac on September 15th 2015, and it was just released for Linux last month.

Undertale takes place in the Underground, a world to where monsters were banished following a war against the humans, separated from the human world by a magic barrier. The entrance to the Underground is atop Mt.Ebott, where the protagonist, Frisk, haphazardly falls. The game starts with a little flower, Flowey, teaching you about LV, HP, EXP, and the battle system. After this, you meet Toriel, a peaceful monster who lives in the ruins to take care of humans who tumble in like Frisk. You learn that in a battle, you can fight a monster or choose to avoid confrontation.

Once you leave the ruins, you get to explore the rest of the Underground where you get to meet and interact with all sorts of interesting characters. Undertale is a short game; most people who have never played it before could beat it in about eight hours. However, if you breeze through it, you’ll miss a lot of hidden things Fox puts inside the game.  Any small thing you do has a certain effect on dialogue, placement of certain sprites, and even the ending of the game.

In Undertale, like I previously mentioned, any little thing you do affects the game in certain ways. Changing your name will cause hidden dialogue to pop up, and the most common thing people name their character is “Chara.” Players often change names to achieve alternative endings, resulting in differing conversations with some of the main characters.

You can play three different playthroughs in the game: the pacifist playthrough, the neutral playthrough, and the genocide playthrough. If you’ve played through the genocide playthrough and reset to do a pacifist one, certain characters will tell you before a fight that they feel like what they’re doing is familiar, referencing your previous run through the game.

Undertale is a difficult RPG/bullet-hell type of game, so I don’t think that inexperienced gamers should choose this for a first game. However, if you’ve played any games like Earthbound, or any other 8-bit RPG games, then this game might be just up your alley. I highly recommend this game to experienced gamers, and to anyone who likes a challenge.

This game is absolutely wonderful, from the intriguing plot, to all of the interesting side characters you meet along the way. This game is filled to the brim with amazing music, a lot of good boss fights, eerie secrets, etc. This game will make you attached to the characters nearly immediately and you’ll find yourself wanting to play it, over and over and over, wishing that it wouldn’t end. You’ll be happy, you’ll laugh, you’ll get angry, and you may even cry. All in all, I highly recommend purchasing Undertale and experiencing this great game for yourself.

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